Tuesday, 2 August 2011

The Story Behind our Collections: Renaissance Life

Discovering the Renaissance Life jewellery collection felt fated.  I was about to make my way home from a trade show and at the last minute decided to turn down one aisle, and there tucked away in a little corner was a little stand full of these enchanting pieces of jewellery that made my eyes widen with wonder. There I met Linnéa Götstav, the beautiful creator of the jewellery - we chatted away as I held each piece of jewellery, and I was completely charmed!

One of the first things that attracted me to Renaissance Life jewellery was how heavy and solid the pieces are. They are so amazing to hold and you honestly feel a certain magic when you wear them.

Jewellery is a very personal and beautiful way of expressing yourself.  A favourite piece of jewellery can evoke a time, a place or a feeling, it adds and allure to you and your day.  We all have an instinct to embellish ourselves - jewellery is decoration that can tell a story.  Each piece of Renaissance Life jewellery has a story, and it will appeal to people in different ways.

Renaissance Life is from Sweden and the jewellery they create is so unique with each piece having a special meaning, named after different years.  There's a timeless romance to the collection that draws people in.
The meanings behind the collections are taken from Swedish sayings, the past, present and the future together with dreams, time and illusion. Renaissance Life launches two new collections each year reflecting life on earth and our own possibilities.

Behind Renaissance Life is a team of creative people who believe in thinking freely, creative and without boundaries.  They seek to make good luck charms that will bring attention, awareness and good memories. They hope the jewellery will remind you of the important things in life.  In looking at the collection you can certainly see there's a lot of love and passion that has gone into the designs - stories inspired by people, relationships, history and landscape.

“You could have so much fun with these pieces and really make them your own, everything has a story behind it” Emma Sells, ELLE online

Year 1983 Swedish Russian Doll is a necklace from the Bird collection that takes it's inspiration from dreams, possibilities and happy summer days. The Swedish Russian doll is a very sweet and adventurous little doll. You have to open her layers to get to her perfect heart of silver.

Year 302 Ball with Swedish Stone is from the Ocean collection that takes it's inspiration from the future, endless possibilities and nature´s vibrations.  This large ball necklace contains a stone from the Swedish west-coast that will bring calm to you and make you feel open to life and what lies ahead.

Year 1970 Freedom Horse necklace is from the Bird collection that takes it's inspiration from dreams, possibilities and happy summer days. The Freedom horse is a Swedish horse that has jumped straight from 1970 to today with a beautiful free spirit that makes life more fun.  When you wear this you will surely feel your free spirit soar

Year 1952 secret heart is from the In Between collection that takes it's inspiration from hope, dreams and illusions. This necklace has a secret box where you can keep your cherished memories, a secret, a dream or a hope for the future.  A piece of jewellery that is so personal...only you or maybe one significant other will know what hides inside the heart.

"Jewellery is something more intimate and personal than just trends..It should become a part of yourself...It's not just something you put on.It gives you feeling for the day..." Linnéa Götstav, designer/founder - Renaissance Life

Discover the Renaissance Life pieces and be as charmed as we were when we first set eyes on them...

This is part of our series of blogs where we share the story behind our collections; because the collections and their creators mean so much to us here at Sisters Guild we want to pass the story on.

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