Friday, 22 April 2011

An A-Z of Sisters Guild - H

home /hohm/ noun 1 the place where one lives permanently, esp with ones family, or as a member of a household. 2 a house, flat, apartment, etc. 3 the social unit constituted by a family of living together. 4 ones native region or country.
home /hohm/ adv. 1 to or at the place where one lives. 2 to one's family or residence from somewhere else. 3 to one's ultimate objective
home /hohm/ adj. 1a relating to one's home; domestic; home comforts. b taking place in the home. 2 denoting the headquarters or centre of operations. 3 said of a team player: belonging to the ground where a sporting fixture is held. 4 relating to or belonging to one's own country.
home verb trans said of a bird or animal: to return to its base by means of instinct > to provide (a domestic pet) with a home.

It is said that 'home is where the heart is' but a home is more than that. It is our sanctum, our place where we enjoy the company of family and chatter with friends. It is our one part of the world which we are free to embellish with our individual and unique style. We dress it with pieces we feel a connection to, we house galleries of childrens artwork and favourite memories in frames. Kitchens anticipate the apothecary of fashioning feasts. Silent sanctuarys that are our bedrooms whisper promises of sleep. We play, we peruse our libraries that are our shelves of old and new 'reads'. We have our cozy corners and our favourite spaces. Our home is where we express ourselves in ways that are secret to the outside world. It is where we celebrate our lives in its routine and occasion. A place where we feel the assured warmth of keeping our hearts inside. It is our base, our strongbox and our escape into the arms of what is ours, what is known.

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