Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Wednesday Woo - Welcome to the New Rabbit Family

Welcome Alex, Abby, Christina & Cornelia, the new Maileg Rabbits for spring /summer 2011 that have  hopped into the boutique from Denmark, just in time for the Easter holidays.

The Rabbit Family live in a wonderful lair behind a tiny hill-top. There are sisters and brothers, nephews, cousins, a whole family. Every morning they wake up the sun, before it rises, and in the evening they eat star-sprinkles with warm milk using a silver spoon. They are beautifully dressed and ready to play...

Maileg Rabbits - Medium - Christina & Cornelia, £34

The outfits can be changed and the medium sized rabbits even have sweet little shoes you can take on and off - perfect for keeping little hands busy.

Maileg Rabbits - Medium - Abby & Alex, £34

Maileg have used some beautiful fabrics this season - fresh green check, bright florals and a sweet yellow blossom print. Alex has a soft knitted cotton sweater and stripey shorts - so the boys aren't left out of all the rabbit play and dressing fun!

Maileg Rabbits - Small - Christina & Cornelia, £16

And of course there are baby rabbits in the family too:

Maileg Rabbits - Baby Boys & Girls, £14

The Maileg rabbits are made with fine linen with embroidered deatil on the face, fingers and toes. They have dangly arms and legs which adds to their charm. They are so adorable and easily become favourite companions to join in all the day-to-day activities...and far flung adventures too. 

When the rabbits are out and about there's a lovely little duffle-style bag which is perfect for the babies and all the bits they need.  The medium rabbit fit in too with their little face and ears popping out the top to spy all the things that go by.

Maileg Weekender Bags, £13.95

Another rabbit that we are completely smitten with is Boo, Belle's best friend. The pair of them have been up to all sorts of things so far this spring:

Belle & Boo art prints

Boo is ready to charm your little ones at bedtime with this beautiful Boo Cot Bed Quilt (coming very soon!)

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  1. that quilt looks super... perfect baby gift!!! (need a lot this year)
    and the maileg rabbits.... eeeeeeeeeek...LOVE!

  2. Thanks! An Abby & Christina have just been packed off to live with another family and have some adventures in Spain. It's so lovely to be sending these beautiful bunnies round the world.