Monday, 4 April 2011

Monday Makery - Easter Blossom & Bunny Bunting

I have probably said this before and those of you who have read previous Makery's will know that I love decorating for special occasions. Easter is on its way and with so many spring colours blossoming and the skies turning blue it's that beautiful time of year when we invite spring into our homes. The Easter egg hunt is probably the favourite part of Easter Sunday for the children. For me it starts a little before that. When I'm planning the hunt and making decorations for the big feast that will be our Easter lunch. We will move our big kitchen table into the garden, treats will be hidden in as many places as we can conceal them, the table will be a visual feast of spring colour and home-made decorations and of course the bunting will be hung.
As we are away for Easter we will be celebrating the weekend before so yes, I've started already! This is the first of our Easter Makeries.

This decorative tree is easy and feels wonderful to create your own blossom that will look simply beautiful as a centre piece. On the day we will hang treats and decorated eggs from the branches. The bunny garlands are incredibly easy too and can be hung anywhere and everywhere. Sophia has asked to hang some in her room too. So we're making a rainbow of bunnies to adorn her bedroom.

For the Blossom Tree you'll need:
  • dry twigs - the wonkier and more crooked the better and a great excuse to head to some fields or a park.
  • pot or vase 
  • old newspaper
  • glue stick
  • paper and scissors

    Here's how:
    1. Arrange your twigs in a pot and use tightly screwed up pieces of newspaper to fill the surrounding space to hold them.
    2. Fold over one edge of a piece of paper to give you a flap about an inch wide. Fold over again and again. This will save you all the time of having to cut the flowers individually.
    3. Draw the silhouette image of flowers onto your paper and cut them out. 
    4. Using your glue-stick stick the paper blossoms onto your branches.
    5. I made the grass by cutting a strip of green paper and then snipping into it roughly and then used the glue-stick to stick around the inside lip of the pot.

    For the Bunny Bunting you'll need:
    • coloured paper
    • scissors
    • wool or string
    • glue stick
    • pencil

    Here's how:
    1. Draw a silhouette of your chosen image onto card and cut out.
    2. Fold a piece of paper over to give you a strip wide enough for your image. Fold over again and repeat so that your paper is a series of folds on top one another in equal size.
    3. Draw around your card template to create a line of figures and cut each one out.
    4. Take a length of string or wool and glue each figure onto the wool and hang!

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    1. That's so cute. My son has to make an Easter Bonnet for school on Friday and this has given me lots of inspiration - thank you!

    2. I made a blossom tree with my kids using dry popped popcorn and a dot of red paint in the center. I love this!