Tuesday, 19 April 2011

The Story Behind Our Collections - Hucklebones

When we set the cognitive wheels in motion on the journey that became Sisters Guild we imagined the dressing rooms to be filled with collections that were design conscious yet maintained the ‘innocence of childhood’. Clothing that was as beautiful to wear as it would be to behold by parents.
Hucklebones is just that: the epitomy of style, made with thought and detail, made to be admired and tailored beautifully for children. A clothing range for girls aged 2-8 designed 'in house' here in London. With high quality fabrics, wonderfully tailored pieces, a beautiful semblance of colours and natural fabrics from fine linen and ramie to pure wool, silk crepe and cool crisp cottons, each collection is a beautifully considered work of seasonal art.  
 Using  EU made dyestuffs and having a low environmental impact not only is the label considered in design but also in its ethics. "Fabrics are carefully sourced for their high, long lasting quality, many are from British and European mills who were established as far back as the 1700's and still use trade secrets today that have been passed generation to generation."
Now in its third year Hucklebones has been receiving a remarkable and deserved light shined upon it. Whilst being pictured in Junior Magazine, Milk, Harpers Bazaar, and Vogue and talked about in the Telegraph Magazine, Bambino Goodies, Baby London and so many more Junior Magazine has now rewarded Hucklebones as the winner of the highly sought after Junior Style Award: ‘Emerging Talent / Best New Fashion Brand’
The winter 2010 collection saw paperchain rabbit prints, woollen honey shorts, capes and coats in beautiful inky blue. I was just quick enough to buy a paperchain rabbit dress for my youngest daughter before they sold out!

And as the summer collection has our hearts a-fluttering I shall be sure to pick a favourite or two from the summer collection. It is such a pleasure to see the girls wearing them and how certain occasions and photos will enter the family record book with 'that' dress!  The Hucklebones pieces are the ones that we will cherish and fold away in tissue paper to ensure their preservation for the next generation.

With the sun shining and blossom on the trees childhood sweethearts Zoe India Goldsmith and Dan Stockley invite us to step into a spring with a 'nostalgic nod in the direction of the bohemian 1970's' where dahlias flourish on dresses and milky blue skies are reflected in giant bows, tea parties taken with wedgewood blue silk crepe dresses and lace daisies embellish pretty blouses. 

Reminiscent of the flora and fauna of a traditional English gardens in which the blue hyacinth and zesty yellows bloom, it is a romantic and whimsical collection.

There are delicate lace trims, signature bow collars and flutter sleeves, scalloped collars and smocked bodice's. Its is the detail in the design, the silk linings, big bows and double tiers to dresses and skirts that make the collection so well considered. Where each season brings us graceful tailoring and impeccably designed creations. 

Being a design led company that prides itself on finding the most beautiful pieces for children and home we put a lot of thought into each collection we add to the Sisters Guild boutique. I remember seeing the Hucklebones collection for the first time. Its' story stood out so vividly and I had never before seen such classic tailoring for children nor the mix of colours; so refined and quintessentially English, pretty, delicate and perfectly polished.  Hucklebones was love at first sight and the girls dressing room would not feel complete without the Hucklebones divine collections. We're just rather jealous that only little girls get to wear it.

We know that Hucklebones will continue to bring us collections that ellicit such 'Ooos and Ahhhs' at the prints and colours and a refreshing 'oh yes' at the detail. Having already seen the Autumn / Winter 2011 collection we can tell you that the cooler months will bring even more stunning cuts and wonderful hues.

Our congratulations go to Zoe and Dan for winning the very desirable Junior Design Award. It is a very deserved reward and wonderful for them to receive high recognition for such continuously beautiful collections.

Created for little girls and design conscious parents with an appreciation of fine design Hucklebones is an heirloom collection that is destined to become a style signature of the new blossoming generation. Sisters Guild and daughters look forward to growing up alongside their marvellous creations.  And I have a feeling that when my daughters become mothers themselves it's the Hucklebones dresses that will be pulled out of vintage suitcases for their own daughters to wear and love.

Perhaps love is the secret behind such creations; childhood sweethearts creating nostalgic clothing. It's a recipe for a heavenly world and romantic conceptions. 

This is part of a series of blog posts about the story behind our collections

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