Monday, 25 April 2011

Monday Makery - Kate & Wills Peg Dolls & Union Jack Flag

In the spirit of the Kate & Wills wedding excitement that is gripping most of the nation, of course we had to do a Royal Monday Makery.

Carla made some lovely Peg Dolls a while back.  Following this original Peg Dolls 'How to' I couldn't resist making a Wedding Day Kate & Will.  My 3 year old boy wasn't very interested in the Peg Doll making apart from being my glue dabber, so I set him up with an easier little project of his own - a Mosaic Union Jack flag made with lots of cut pieces of coloured paper.

Carla has a fantastic long kitchen table which is perfect for craft sessions and it kept us very busy on Easter Sunday (in between nibbling chocolate!)

Here's what you'll need for the Wedding Couple Peg Dolls:
  • good old fashioned clothes pegs
  • scraps of fabric, paper and napkins - kitchen roll was used to make the dress!
  • wool
  • PVA glue
  • felt tipped pens
  • scissors

    Making a Kate Middleton Peg Doll:
    1. Starting with the bare peg doll draw on the face with pens or pencils. 
    2. For the bodice of the wedding dress use a piece of cotton fabric or paper glued around the top of the peg doll.
    3. For Kate's dress I used a humble piece of kitchen towel but a paper doilly or other fabric would be lovely.  Make a circle and cut a line through to the centre. Make a wide cone by twisting the circle and sticking the 2 cut sides together.  If you snip the pointed end of the cone you then get a hole in which to put the peg doll through and glue at the 'waist' - hey presto the dress!
    4. For the hair wool is ideal.  Cut long lengths of wool and glue across the head. The wool hair can then be snipped and styled.  With extra glue dabbed on top you can pile up the hair on top into a loose bun style - not sure how Kate will be wearing her hair on the day!
    5. Extra things to add:  a white piece of wool for a hairband, a pink paper flower and a piece of lace at the waist.  
      Now she'll need a Prince...a future King no less!

      Making a Prince William Peg Doll
      1. Start in the same way, drawing on eyes, nose, mouth and ears. Hair can also be done with colouring pens or pencils which works well for men with less hair!
      2. The RAF uniform was made of blue paper.  Cut 2 rectangles to make 2 tubes that make the trousers - to be glued around each prong of the peg.  Cut another rectangular piece of paper for the jacket - wrap around the body and glue in place.  The detail of the uniform - pockets, collar and tie - can be added by pen.
      3. For the sash a piece of ribbon is ideal.
      Here they are - what a romantic pair!

      Mosaic Union Jack Flag

      Flag making is a simple craft that involves paper, scissors and glue.  To make it a bit more interesting I cut up the red and blue paper into lots of pieces to make the flag in a mosaic style.

      The only tricky bit was remembering how the flag is structured but google helped and we were able to read about the history of the flag too.

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          1. Love these - such a sweet idea! I am well into the Royal Wedding Spirit! Xxx