Monday, 6 August 2012

Almost A Monday Makery - Pebble Domino's

We've abandoned London for a couple of weeks and headed west to the recluse of Grannies garden. Though the sun only peered its head from behind the clouds occasionally and more than the occasional rain fell the girls adventured up and down, over and under, round and around the garden, albeit it shiny sequinned shoes aka 'Dorethy'!
Discovering a bird nest high up in the tree, watching bugs crawl here there and everywhere, stacking pebbles and stones into high tall toppling towers and making rubbings from trees. At 8.30 in the morning the garden was where the wild things were.

Sophia discovered a half box of domino's in the 'children's room' and with little sister in tow set off down the garden path and across the grass to the gravelled shade to find pebbles to paint so that she could complete the set.
With my craft cupboard 120 miles away we made do with a cotton bud and some nail varnish to get spotting the numbers.

When we leave we'll throw the pebbles back into the pile where they were found ready to be rediscovered when we next return to Grannies garden, and in that another game will begin.
Amazing where a little curiosity and a little resourcefulness can take you.

So, perhaps next time you're on a beach or walk across a gravelled path, pick some pebbles up fill your pockets and use them to create a game or perhaps paint them with simple pictures and decorations or alphabet and numbers.

It really is the simplest things that give the greatest pleasures.

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