Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Wednesday Woo: Little Duckling AW12 and beyond...

From the moment we first discovered Little Duckling before the Sisters Guild adventure had even begun,  it  really did speak to us - the wholesome feel, the innocent yet well tailored designs.  Little Duckling feels like an old familiar friend, or a much-loved relative. These are the kind of 'made-to-last' clothes our own mama would seek out in small independent shops and dress us in. Of course, when our mama bought a dress it would be expected to be passed from sister to sister to sister.  Cord dungarees and winter knits would see all 4 of us - including our little brother - through many, many winters!  The great achievement of Little Duckling is reviving that important notion of quality clothes for children, tailored beautifully with style and longeivity in mind.  

Each season we feel a moment of loveliness and homeliness when Little Duckling clothing arrives in the Boutique.  All feels good in the world and we know the kids are going to be clothed in comfort and just the right amount of style.

Little Duckling is here for you this Autumn and Winter, and for many years through...

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