Friday, 3 August 2012

Once Upon a Week: Thank You Camp Bestival

Sisters and family had a super besti-festi-holiday at Lulworth Castle.  We skipped and played under sunny skies. We shared the Sisters Guild treasures and met lots of lovely people.  The children felt the wonder and freedom of being in a field full of lights and colour, music and theatre. It was a magnificent spectacle, a magical playground. An unforgettable adventure. Thank you Camp Bestival.

3 sisters shopping at Sisters Guild in silly specs

Lulworth Castle & giant flowers

BrightonArt, Chroma Collective and Two Tigers Fireworks joined forces for the second year running to create a Fireworks and Projected Animation Spectacular.  Inspired by the theme of the "Silly Olympics", the team was joined this year by the genius animation company Persistent Peril.

What an incredible finale from an outstanding team.

We hope you all had a great festival adventure - see you there next year!

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