Thursday, 30 August 2012

The Art of Living: The Simple Things

We're excited to see that the creators behind the oh-so-desirable Mollie Makes magazine are launching a new 'sister' mag The Simple Things - it sounds right up our street, or lane nowadays!

I've had a peek inside here and it instantly makes me want to spend some time away from my screen and have some quality me-and-a-magazine time.  An activity that is rare and usually reserved for holidays, but I think this new magazine is going to need some good old one-to-one!

So...what does it promise us?
A big dose of inspiration, an invitation to slow down and smell the roses.  In their own words:
It’s for people who want to downshift and backpedal, who want to make the most of their homes, who want to grow their own vegetables however small their garden, whose love of food is in the preparing and sharing and who are as happy to revamp and upcycle as to buy new. 

Well, I shall raise my mug of tea to that. Home-made, hand-made, home-grown, hand-me-down - a celebration of values that our generation are holding up good and true for our children to carry forward.

With my recent brave move from city to country in search of a lifestyle with space for the family to breathe and create, I'm hoping this magazine will spur me a gentle way of course!

We can get our mitts on this mag next week apparently.  Take a look here

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