Thursday, 19 December 2013

Advents 19th Door - Be A Famous Artist!

Become a famous painter for the day and colour a masterpiece. With lots of free printable colouring pages to choose from will you Jan Vermeer and paint the girl with  a pearl earringVincent van Gogh and the most famous sunflowers in the world? Claude Monet and his study of a figure outdoors: woman with a parasol. Will you search for the original artwork and and find inspiration through the original colours or just let your own imagination lead the way. 

Discover 16 of the worlds most famous paintings to recolour and finish for yourself here

Happy Painting



  1. Hi there. Love your blog!!! Came here looking for this:
    Could you help me locate the printable animals? Are they still somewhere?

    1. I was in search of the same thing and it took some hunting but they can be found here: