Friday, 13 December 2013

Welcome Home Christmas

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The Christmas tree has been chosen, carried home and decorated from top to toe. Hyacinths have blossomed on our kitchen window sill and a Christmas magic is filling our home. Secret deliveries arrive almost every day to be scurried away in high cupboards ready to be wrapped and given and each morning the kids wake up excited to discover what is inside the days advent. Mornings are now beginning to slow as the school term ends and the rush of being ready is at an end. Phew!
Christmas carollers fill the air with festive joy and early morning frost covers the ground with a layer of jewels.  Vases and jugs are being filled with berried branches, festive paper garlands are ready to be hung and every corner of the home is slowly being transformed in celebration of the festivities. The evenings are spent warm and cosy with the twinkling glow of the Christmas lights and candles and its beginning to look a lot like Christmas. The most magical time of the year. 
Here we put together some of our favourite inspiration for decorating your home this Christmas.

traditional red and white colours give a cosy Scandinavian feel image 

hoping this will be the view from the window Christmas morning via here

simple berried branches in vases and jugs add just enough colour to a small space image

glitter sprinkled toys make a wonderful centre piece here & twinkling christmas lights  here

garlands and paper decorations and simple green plants make a welcoming impact to a hallway image

 Christmas tree branches in jugs and pots via here

inspiring images taped to the wall : image

the sparkle and shine of glass and cubic ornaments with subtle colours and tones image and cubic decorations here

twinkling lights image 

quirky collections take on a festive feel image Lucky Bubble by LuckyBoySunday here

a wonderful alternative to a Christmas tree and perfect for small places or as an additional focus in another room : image discovered here featuring Jurianne Matter paper circles here

A wreath hung above a the table gives a Christmas twist on the glamour of a chandelier:  image

paper angels hung together add a magical touch in a pure and simple way: image found here with Jurianne Matter paper Angels here 

give a small Christmas tree some height and make a bigger impact image

keep it simple and let each natural element be its own glorious self: image

mixing colour makes it fun image

create a winter village scene with gingerbread houses and flour image

a christmas tree perfect for the childrens room : Belle & boo 'decorate me' wall stickers here

colourful paper craft means you can create your very own decorations, grab the card and scissors nad get creative : image

The magic of transforming the home into a winter wonderland has begun.

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