Monday, 16 December 2013

Gifts for Domestic Gods, Goddesses and the Culinarily Challenged!

Whether a domestic goddess or culinarily challenged we have lots of practical and pretty pieces that'll inspire the creation of big beautiful stupendously scrumptious dishes. Perfect for giving this Christmas.

Paris Kitchens by Paumes 

London Kitchens by Paumes

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"I spend a lot of time in my kitchen; morning, noon and night and all the snack-grabbing, at-the-table-doing-homework and catching-up-with-friends-over-a-cuppa times in between. When I think of my kitchen its full of colour, full of flavour, full of inspiration to cook big beautiful stupendously scrumptious dishes. Its about fun, the noise of banter with friends and family whilst whipping up platters of that oh so splendid homemade food. I think colour. I think large plates passed around a noisy table of chatter with friends.  I see cups filled with daisies the children freshly picked  from a morning in the park placed next to mismatched napkins that sit together at the table unique and treasured as each of its guests." 

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