Thursday, 1 December 2016

Advent One for festive fun and kindness that starts at the kitchen table

Our festive advent is here…..and just in time for those who woke with a surprise that it was the First day of December today! The excitement begins...

We've made an easy FREE Advent printable for you...

It brings together some of our favourite festive ideas and activities over the last few years (some have become almost tradition) and squeezed them into 24 days of festive fun as we countdown the days until Christmas Day.

This year we’ve added a little extra too. We’ve created a whole new set of 24 acts of kindness ideas, because you can never be too kind and we think it brings out the everyday hero in all of us. Kindness creates a warm fuzzy feeling for all...try it, and feel the world spin a little happier and lighter and lovelier!

If the children are too young, then lead by example and dare yourself instead. We can inspire open hearts and open minds. Just as imagination is contagious so is kindness. Pass it on.

We’ve created numbered envelopes to print, fold and stick so you can hide each little card inside. We’ve left the cards themselves unnumbered so you can feel free to decide when to use each card. 

Alternatively if your advent is already organised, hide the card(s) under their breakfast plate or bowl and let them discover a new idea each morning. See how many acts of kindness you can achieve and how many new family traditions and activities you can enjoy together.

Have fun xx

To celebrate our first day of the Christmas countdown, and as Sisters Guild tradition would go, we would like to give you 20% OFF everything in one of our favourite places, the table & kitchen!

It's the place we find ourselves together most of all, a family place, a gathering spot and where so many activities, making, chatter, mess, as well as feasting happens - the Table & Kitchen - find something for yourself or for someone you love, big or small, young or old you'll find something wonderful in our collection here……and have a happy cup of tea too!

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offer ends tomorrow 2nd December 2pm GMT

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