Monday, 12 December 2016

Advents 12th Door : Marshmallow Pops

School term is nearly at an end and the kids are looking for a treat to take in for all there friends. They wanted to make something colourful, edible and delicious. So, we’ve grabbed bags of giant marshmallows, white and milk chocolate ready to melt and various sprinkles ready to sprinkle. We’ve got little sticks to push into the marshmallows to make them like lollipops and little cellophane bags and pretty ties to package each one into.

This is where we found our inspiration here and here and hereWe opted for star sprinkles, hundreds and thousands and confetti style sprinkles for fun. Such fun to make, and very quick and easy to make. Great for parties treats too. I think we may have found a new festive tradition!

Discover your favourite version here and here and here.


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