Saturday, 17 December 2016

Advents 17th Door: Glitter Filled Baubles

I spied these glitter filled baubles over on the Vault files a little while ago and fell in love with their fun and sparkle. I think they would make great decorations around the house or to add to garlands and wreaths for some festive fun.

I’m hoping to make some for a New Years Eve party, adding a bit of a sparkly fun feel to the home decor, turning the house from Christmas to new year with a bit of shimmer with strings of effervescent bubbles hung across the room .
I simply love their versatility too. Don’t you think they would make great invitations to a party with a beautifully written invite rolled up inside or even written with a bright marker on the outside, or a great alternative to a gift card - placing the gift voucher inside amongst the glitter and sparkle, or perhaps numbered clues leading to a gift like a treasure hunt. 

We might write New Years wishes and dreams on them and create a garland we can add to each year, a fun tradition   creating a times capsule when a new year begins, celebrating a chapter and starting a new. It would be so fun for the kids to look back and see what their 7 year old self wished or hoped for. Fun to give them to guests and ask them to write their wishes inside for them to take home and keep.  A sparkly promise in a bauble. 

Effervescent fun in little bubbles and so many pretty ways to use them. Such a simple idea with magical effect. We love love love them and can’t wait to fill them. 

Head over to the Vault Files for the tutorial

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