Thursday, 15 December 2016

Advents 15th Door : Let it Snow

Every year the one thing that is always on the top of my Christmas wish list is snow. To wake up on Christmas morning and see a blanket of fresh white snow out of the window and as far as the eye can see. Though each year we say it really could happen, I know that sometimes we need to create the magic in other ways. 

Perhaps I can fill the kitchen with hundreds of whimsical white snowflakes cut from paper like the one’s here found in Vogue. But with my to-do list getting longer by the day and the numbers of days until Christmas decreasing. Its unlikely to happen to such an effect. 

However,  several above the table or a few at the windows look simply beautiful and they’re so fun to make. 

Sometimes, I fall into the danger of being so busy I forget to be in the present, I’m planning so far ahead I forget to sit still and just be. An afternoon of making paper snowflakes would be so much fun. Opening up each one to reveal each little unique pattern. 

We’ve discovered the best selection of tutorials and diy’s over on apartment therapy here. Whilst this pretty blog has a great visual to show you the cut style and the finish.  A great idea to draw the design  on top of your fold and then cut them out. 

Stop over and take a look and be inspired, whether for topping presents,  decorating an entire room or just a few touches here and there of whimsical white flutters. It will make a magical white Christmas feel


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