Monday, 3 January 2011

The Pink Penned Pleasure

I love a good sale. The excitement of filling a basket with deliciousness at reduced prices makes my heart flutter with a blissful won't-break-the-bank glee. I always feel rather smug too when the next winter comes around and aha! I have my tucked away glorious and rather cleverly purchased (always buying one size bigger to allow for my childrens ever extending limbs) pieces at the ready. I will always try to buy those staple pieces that will go well with whatever else I might pick up with the new season as well as party dresses for the girls and maybe one or two more for birthday pressies for their special friends too. This always goes down well with their mums too, so extra points there!

I think one day I'll be one of those grannies that buy Christmas presents in the January sale. Grabbing all those wonderful things that will make the family swoon, skip and jump about with giddied delight.  I'm definately heading that way with my secret present drawer full of fabulous things for all those birthdays. You know, the ones that seem to spring up on you suddenly, like a Sunday afternoon when really the last thing you would want to do would be trawl the shops looking for that special 'something' for so-and-so who since only last Wednesday has become your childs best friend! So, off to my secret treasure chest of wonders I go to find things I've picked up throughout the year,  when I just couldn't hold back the temptation but as yet had no birthday to buy for.

But Christmas shopping is a different occasion, a time when I love to head out in the early darkened and delicately decorated streets. I love too the smell of the cold, the bustle of people all looking for the thrill of finding that perfect gift. So, perhaps I'll hold off my granny-that-stashes plan until the thought of Christmas shopping mid December throws me into a crazed panic. It is tempting though.

This is the first sale of Sisters Guild and we hope it's a giddy-giving, swoon-tastic*, heart-fluttering, tell-a-friend, fill your basket with deliciousness sale. Perhaps it wasn't such a good plan to slash the prices whilst sitting with my sister, bottle of wine, full with a generosity of Christmas spirit, but, it's been fun, especially to know that we'll be passing on that same pleasure of shopping in the sales that we love too.

 *some adjectives may not actually exist and are sometimes created for artistic reasons.

Here's a few of our favourite colourful and cool pieces:

Mini McGhee felted striped baby blanket in Pink/Grey
Was £46.00 Now £34.50

Fabric covered embroidered boxes by Rice Dk Was £51.30 Now £30.78

Fuchsia candelabra
 Was £44.00 Now £35.20 more colours available
Tupperware that deserves a party! Melamine bowls with lids by Rice DK Was £34.00 Now £27.20
Cotton Sateen Long Sleeved Blouse by Hucklebones Was £55 Now £27.50

Ripple Stitch Sweater by Hucklebones Was £49.00 Now £24.50

Slate Blue Mallow T by ilovegorgeous Was £39.00 Now £29.25

Grey Sprig Twiglet Dress by ilovegorgeous Was £59.00 Now £44.25

Cozy Winter Sleeping Bag Was £29.95 Now £17.97

Lucy Sweater by Dandy Star Was £35 Now £28

Please, find a comfy chair pour yourself your favourite drink and enjoy our first sale with up to 50% off lines including Hucklebones, ilovegorgeous, Dandy Star, Little Duckling, Rice DK, Maileg, Aden&Anais and Mini McGhee! **

** Reductions may cause heart fluttering excitement

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  1. I love everything you've picked! The striped baby blanket is particularly gorgeous though...