Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Wooing Wednesday: Miller Goodman PlayShapes and ShapeMaker

This Wednesday we woo you with...Miller Goodman, set up by Brighton duo David Goodman and Zoe Miller who are 'passionate about good design which encourages open creative play for children and adults'

Miller Goodman PlayShapes £74.95

Miller Goodman ShapeMaker blocks £29.95

The PlayShapes set and ShapeMaker blocks keep the adults and kids busy in both sisters households. We can understand why the Playshapes have been awarded Gold by the Parents' Choice awards 2010 and ShapeMaker is Winner of a gold award at the 2009 Practical Pre-School awards.

PlayShapes is a unique modular set of 74 wooden geometric shapes which you can arrange or stack to make hundreds of 3D creations, such as animals, people, faces, vehicles, buildings and much more. The shapes also make fantastic drawing templates. They are beautifully crafted from environmentally-friendly, durable rubberwood, the shapes feel soft in your hand and the flashes of colour add a modern accent. The set of shapes come in a printed, unbleached cotton drawstring bag along with a set of instructive illustrations.

ShapeMaker is a set of 25 colourful, geometric design, hand printed, beautifully crafted, environmentally friendly hardwood blocks made of rubber wood - a replenishable wood. The blocks can be excitingly arranged to create a menagerie of thousands of surprising creatures and tons of sparkling, imaginative, engaging images that guarantee to delight children of all ages.

People have uploaded their ShapeMaker creations on the Flickr site here
And what people have been able to make with the Playshapes is just amazing - take a look on the Flickr site here

And you just have to see this little vid:

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