Sunday, 9 January 2011

Thank you notes on Sunday

There was a song we sang at our village Primary School with the chorus No, I musn't forget, No I musn't forget to say a great big thank you, I musn't forget..

I always remember the words and how everyone in assembly joined in loudly with the chorus with a great big 'Fankooo'.  I also remember, later in my student days, singing the same song with a friend of mine when we realised with drunken delight that we had the same song book at school. Anyhow...this year, now that my son has just turned 3, I think it's time to introduce him to some good old-fashioned thank you letter writing. 

Though the writing will be scribbles, the sentiment will be clear. Sunday seems like the perfect day for letter writing. We're not a religious household, but Sunday is a thoughtful family day, a together day, a day that feels gentle (apart from the bit where I'm woken up at 6am!).  So, it's a morning spread of tea and toast and pens and paper (friends and family will have to excuse the Raspberry Jam smears)

We've found the perfect colourful pack of cards and envelopes for Sisters Guild here


  1. Hee-hee Kat, you know it too!
    have you got the book? I'd love to track down a copy. I'd happily go back to those singing-in-assembly-with-enthusiasm days!