Tuesday, 11 January 2011

New Liberty Art Fabrics - Children's Illustrators Collection

We grew up with Liberty fabrics in our lives and they remain a passion of ours. Many Liberty fabrics sit among our stacks of material waiting to become all sorts of creations.

We are so delighted by the new Liberty Art Fabrics Spring Summer 2011 collection which features collaborations with favourite children's illustrators including Lauren Child of 'Charlie and Lola' and 'Clarice Bean' fame, Quentin Blake OBE, Children's Laureate (need say no more!) and Emma Chichester Clarke whose Blue Kangaroo books we are most fond of.  There's also a collaboration with Hello Kitty and  'four young protégés of the Liberty Design Studio'.  Imagine being an 8 year old girl and designing for Liberty - what a dream!

Each print tells a story.  They are so enchanting:

Emma Chichester Clark
This series of designs was inspired by her book ‘Eliza and the Moonchild’.
‘Plum Dog’ is an original print featuring Emma’s beloved dog Plum:

Emma Chichester Clark - Plum Dog C, Tana Lawn Liberty Fabric

Hello Kitty is the inspiration for this collection of fabrics, designed by four young protégés of the Liberty Design Studio. Mauve Mawston says the flowers are ‘whizzy’ and has chosen pink for girls and blue for boys:

Hello Kitty - Emm A, Tana Lawn Liberty Fabric

Lauren Child's fabric designs are a mixture of an original ‘Clarice Bean’ she has created for Liberty, and patterns inspired by Liberty Archive prints she has selected personally. Pep features a stylised cherry blossom. Tuesday Trees is a forest of Liberty print with textured tree trunks:

Lauren Child - Pep C, Tana Lawn Liberty Fabric

Lauren Child - Tuesday Trees A, Tana Lawn Liberty Fabric

Liberty have created designs inspired by Quentin Blake’s ‘L for Legs’ from his ‘ABC’, resulting in an eclectic mix of prints that reflect his quirky and playful style.  Lola Weisselberg is an old fashioned floral medley echoing old seed packets and samplers, this design creates the effect of English country wildflowers climbing up the fabric:

Quentin Blake - Lola Weisselberg B, Tana Lawn Liberty Fabric

 Images from www.liberty.co.uk - see the full collection here

From 2 print and pattern passionate sisters www.sistersguild.com

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  1. Stunning! Obsessed with Lauren Child prints