Thursday, 16 June 2011

The Art of Living: Bill's cafe & produce store

Some of you will already know all about Bill's -  a really special cafe and produce store which started in the pretty town of Lewes in East Sussex. There's also a Brighton cafe and store which has become one of the best foodie destinations in Brighton, and now I hear there's a Bill's in London, Reading and soon to be Cambridge, for more lucky people to discover all the yummy delights. AND to top it off this month sees the release of the Bill's cookbook which is aptly titled Cook, Eat, Smile

Bill's was first opened in Lewes in 2001 by Bill Collison who offered a traditional greengrocers, the delights of Deli produce and unpretentious food in a relaxed setting.  It was a concept that worked, mainly because of the passion behind it and the food itself being so good.  We discovered Bill's on our first trip to Lewes in 2003 and were instantly smitten.  When we subsequently moved to Brighton and Bill's opened down the road we were over the moon.  The only difficult thing is getting a table as it is so popular, justifiably so as the food is glorious!

Bill's is quite unique as you can eat and shop at the same time.  The cafe area is surrounded by tempting displays of fresh and organic fruit and vegetables, herbs, flowers, plants, groceries and hampers - it really is a true food celebration. There's also an outside catering and delivery service too.

Now I have Father's Day weekend sorted.  A trip to Bills in Brighton - just have to decide whether it's for Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner - all 3 if I had my way!  And a gift of the cookbook, so Stu can come up with some more ideas for the family table.

Discover Bill's here
All photos courtesy of Bill's website

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