Friday, 24 June 2011

Pinboard Picks by Paul et Paula blog

We invited the lovely Peggy of Paul et Paula, a fabulous international kids design and lifestyle blog, to pick her favourite things from the Sisters Guild Boutique.

Peggy is a mum herself with a passion for design and we've had a great time connecting with her since the launch of Sisters Guild, it feels like she's our sister in Amsterdam - we're often tweeting each other about what's for dinner!  I'm sure one day she will gather us all together for a blogfest feast!

These are the things Peggy picked and why she chose them:

The Pink Sugar Rose Anna set by ilovegorgeous
Just imagine a little girl in this. Awwwwwww.

Childrens Rooms - Copenhagen
There are a couple of reasons why I like this. I love Copenhagen. I love to decorate, especially kids rooms. And I love to see other people’s spaces.  And because this Paumes book is missing in my collection!

Melamine Lunch Box by Rice DK
I love picnics and I love RICE. Perfect combination!

Princess & the Pea Bed Set by Maileg
Because : I just had to smile when I saw this ! It is so cute.

Nulle by Lucky Boy Sunday
Ohhhh…Lucky Boy Sunday. I would adopt them all… so precious. The one we have still did not make it from the living room to the kids room.

Thank you Peggy.  We look forward to seeing all the outfits on your blog and the amazing things you discover ...and one day soon we must gather and have a giggle. 

This is first in the series of blog posts where we invite bloggers we have met on our Sisters Guild journey to pick the things they love from the Boutique.

See the Art of Living series of posts for all the things we are passionate about and the things we discover in our lives as mamas.

We also have a Monday Makery with ideas for things to make yourself.

And for a glimpse behind the scenes of Sisters Guild we have the A-Z of Sisters Guild here


  1. eeeeeek, there it is!
    Thank you for having me, was so fun!
    And I am totally in to have a feast and a fest and lots of fun!
    yes... I actually might be in London beginning November, I know still plenty of time...but check your agendas :)
    Sth like 06.11- 11.11.
    Red marks please haha

  2. I am totally in love with Sisters Guild and Love Peggy's blog too - fantastic picks, the RICE DK collection has to be my favourite :)

  3. I love Peggy's blog and your shop.Lovely to see her picks :)