Thursday, 23 June 2011

The Art of Living: Festival Fever

This is the time of year when people like to gather in a field and celebrate, with music, dance and food.  Festivals bring out a community spirit and draw on a primitive instinct to gather, share and connect.  It's one of the best family activities and the UK now has some amazing festivals that are such a key part of British culture.

For Carla and I festivals have always been part of our family calendar.  For children it's the best kind of camping, an outdoor holiday with entertainment. For adults it's liberation from the normal routine, time spent with friends and getting back to nature.  I've always enjoyed coming home with the feeling of being 'festivaled' - weary, windswept and in need of a bath, but with plenty of good memories and that great feeling of having breathed fresh air for 3 days (I won't mention the smell of festival loos!!)

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We won't be at Glastonbury this year as tickets are so hard to obtain (very envious that our brother is going - with wellies at the ready), but we shall be listening to the radio coverage and maybe even having a little campfire and a dance in Granny's garden!

Later this summer we shall be heading to the Just So festival in August for some family fun.  The Just So Festival is a small weekend-long festival of creativity aimed at children, with the very best UK arts activity for families, from theatre to dance, classical music to storytelling. Set in 65 acres of ancient English woodland in Staffordshire, you can immerse yourself in the beautiful natural landscape and stumble across amazing light installations, music and play in a woodland clearing, try out some messy art, or even run into the Gruffalo! It's in a part of the country I haven't explored before so I'm just as excited as Gabe.

And some exciting news.....
The Sisters Guild Boutique itself will be setting up shop at LOLLIBOP in Regents Park 5-7th August, which we are so thrilled about as we will get to meet lots of customers and be able to share some of our collections which you can feel and try and play with!  Come along for some fun and meet the whole Sisters Guild family....along with Rastamouse!  Find out more about LOLLIBOP here

Enjoy gathering this summer and feel the festival spirit!

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  1. To make your camp fire even more fun make TWIST -
    1.make some thick dough with self raising flour and milk. Should be sticky.
    2. peel a long twig ( hazel is supposed to be best)
    3. stick twig in dough and twist til stick has nice twisty bit of dough on it.
    4. cook on fire, twisting again to brown all sides
    5. smear with butter
    6. eat (one of my daughter's top five memories!)