Thursday, 9 June 2011

The Art of Living: Elinor Voytal Jewellery

I would like to celebrate the fine creations of my good friend Elinor Voytal.  A long time ago we studied together and spent a year in the magical Italian hilltop town of Urbino, where we learnt about.....ummm...lots of Italian things! Elinor then went on to study textiles and, most significantly, knitting.

Now, she doesn't do just any kind of knitting.  In her London studio Elinor utilises a fine-gauge knitting machine, along with her worldy imagination to create the most intricate knitted jewellery.  With the finest yarns, silk and viscose, crystal and bead embellishments, she produces knitted jewellery like no other.  It's the combination of technique and fabric that makes Elinor's handmade pieces so unique. Elinor hand prints fabric using digital images from her own photography archive to achieve the amazing colours.  Such vision and dedication should be applauded.

Elinor Voytal jewellery pieces are seriously beautiful works of art.  I always knew Elinor would do something that was detailed and drew on her passion for fashion, colour, photography, textiles and design.  It is wonderful to see a friend following their creative calling.

Take a look...

Each piece is lovingly hand-made and feels so incredible towear.  I know for sure we will be seeing her collections in some select places very soon!

Discover Elinor's Jewellery here.
The new Blossom collection is at Treasure 2011 as part of London Jewellery Week.

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  1. Her work is exquisite and beautiful and she is a lovely girl!!