Friday, 1 July 2011

Pinboard Picks from Lattes & Juice blog

The second in our series of Pinboard Picks is from the chic Lattes & Juice blog. Angela is an American Mommy living in London and she dips her toes in both continents to bring us design, fashion, food and shopping to keep us all super stylish.  Angela's London adventure started 5 years ago and her blog began after the arrival of her son who inspired her to share her adventure . Looking at her blog, she certainly knows about style and we are so pleased she popped over to the Sisters Guild Boutique to pick her 5 favourite things.

Aden & Anais Swaddling Wraps - Single - Brilliant Blue
I received one of the big swaddling wraps for my baby shower and it something that I still use all the time.  The large size makes the wrap so multi-functional and it's super light making it easy to carry around everywhere in it's little bag.  It's definitely more than for swaddling!

Round Storage Pots with Woodland Animal Design
It's amazing the amount of snacks I have to tote around with me all day and I love that this set comes with 4 different sized pots making it very versatile to use.  It's great that they nestle within each other so it is easier to store.  Plus the design on the lids is just so sweet. 

Party Bunting by Maileg
One of the best parts about living in England is that bunting has become a part of my life!  The denim mixed in with the sweet little prints makes this bunting so chic.

Red Polka Dot Suitcase Set
I love these old fashioned little suitcases and the polka dot design is so much fun.  I love filling them up with toys for when we head out of the house.  It keeps the toys neat and tidy while making the same old toys just a little more exciting. 

Mini Nuage Bracelet by Hop Hop Hop
Ok I definitely need to get myself one of these!  I am completed addicted to layering bracelets and these are so so so cute!  Now just have to decide on a color.

Thank you Angela.  It's great to get connected on our boutique and blogging journey!

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