Tuesday, 12 July 2011

The Story Behind our Collections: Angels Face

When you have a daughter it's inevitable that a big frou-frou skirt will become part of the wardrobe, no matter how long you may resist.  One of the first swinging, dancing, swirling, show-off skirts that my eldest daughter was given as a gift was a Petti Skirt by Angels Face....in pink, of course! The Petti Skirts by Angels Face come in a lovely hatbox with a ribbon handle. It's a joy to pull out the skirt from the hat box as the big froth of fabric bursts out. The Petti skirt is a dressing-up box essential, but one that may also be insisted on wearing at weekends with a cool T and sandals. 

When I was considering the fun and playful side of the girls dressing room of course Angels Face Petti Skirts were always on my mind.  Bekka was immediately convinced, even though she's the tomboy of the family, and she now even has a few Petti Skirts in her festival dressing up box, saying that they look fantastic on guys too - love it!

The Petti Skirt is made of over 40 yards of fabric - now that's a lot of fabric.  There's a satin ribbon tie at the waist and as the waist is elasticated the large size can fit a small adult too.  Colours include Cupcake, Tea Rose, Hot Pink, Silver Cloud and Vanilla.  Each Petti Skirt is one big froth of giddy joy - that cannot help but ellicit smiles and squeals and dancing!

The Tea Rose is a soft pink colour, almost vintage looking and is one of my favourites:

Angels Face started with Keely Deininger of Little Linens. As a child Keely would watch Come Dancing on the telly on Saturday nights with her mother, and remembers trying to recreate the outfits.  Those childhood memories of the cherished moments of Saturday night Come Dancing, is what inspired Keely to create Angels Face.  With the Angels Face collection Keely hopes Mothers and Daughters can create special memories together enjoying all the fun of these fabulous pieces - the key piece being the Petti Skirt.

My daughters are known to wear theirs at the park and I do too.  Yes, of course I have one, it's utter indulgence of my girlishness!  Even Granny got a Petti Skirt for her 60th Birthday and wore it all day dancing with the kids!

And Sessi will sometimes change into her Petti Skirt after school when the school uniform is cast aside...

Discover the Angels Face Petti Skirts here

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