Monday, 25 July 2011

Monday Makery - No Sew Fabric Hopscotch Playmat

We've been busy chalking hopscotch squares onto the pavement outside our house. I love this simple game, I love too how hopping up and down the squares reminds me of my childhood and makes me feel 6 years old all over again. Oona insists all numbers being '6' as she learns sequences of numbers and Sessi (Sophia) whizz's up and down and over her stone as though hopscotch was a natural ability you are suddenly blessed with.  But, all this recent rain has meant we've had to watch our hopscotch get washed away and stay inside.
So, not wanting a little rain to get in the way of our happy hoppy days we have made our own hopscotch play mat.

It involves no sewing, is inexpensive to make and very quick and easy too. Though the best part is its an instant travelling game, you can take it the park to play on the grass, pack it for holidays, and on those rainy days you can play it inside too. So come on guys get hopping.

You'll need:

  • hessian fabric (I used a piece 210cm x 120cm) 
  • pieces of felt
  • fabric glue
  • tape measure
  • tailors chalk
  • paper
  • pencil
  • pins
  • white tape
Here's how:

1. Roll out you hessian fabric and using your tailors chalk mark out the boxes for each of the numbers. You'll need 7 rows of boxes, 1 single, 1 double, 1 single, 1 double and so on. I made each box 11" (28cm) squared.

2. Follow the chalked guidelines with your fabric glue one box at a time, sticking down the white tape as you go. Fold the corners at right angles as you go for soft neat corners.

3. Now for the numbers! Make a template for each number using 8" (20cm) squares of paper. I drew grids onto the paper to easier able myself to draw symmetrically. Cut each number out.

4. Pin each number template onto your felt fabric and cut around. 

5. Stick each number onto the centre of its appropriate square using your fabric glue, and you're ready to play.

We already have beanbags to use as our throwing 'stone' but if you'd like to know how to make one see our previous makery here.

Happy hopping!

Oh and when you're tired out from hopping it makes a great extra blanket for lounging in the sun !

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