Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Wednesday Woo: Maileg Bunny Rabbit Family

Once upon a time in Denmark the very first pair of Maileg Bunny Rabbits were created.  They must've been a boy and a girl as there followed many many more bunnies that hopped around from dawn til dusk on their little hill-top.  Now there's a very large rabbit family of brothers and sisters, nieces and nephews and cousins, and more rabbits appearing each season.  They are known to be very charming and stylish with the most beautiful wardrobe of cotton dresses, rompers, delicate cardis and crochet shoes. They also have extra long lollippy legs and arms which make them so easy to be adored and embraced with limbs a-dangling. 

The Maileg Rabbits have made many journeys across the globe and some are now in the Sisters Guild Boutique, peeking out of the window across London, wondering where their next journey might take them....

Introducing some of the Maileg Bunny Rabbit members:

Cornelia Rabbit Medium £34
Christina Rabbit Small £16 or Medium £34
Alex Rabbit Medium £34
Abby Rabbit - Medium £34
Overalls Boy & Girl Medium £34 each
Woodstock Rabbits Small £16, Medium £34, Large £34
Savannah Rabbit Large £45
Winter Girl Rabbit Medium £34
London Girl Rabbit Medium £34
Paris Girl Rabbit Medium £34

The most handsome of the family - the one all the girls have secret crushes on - is the Copenhagen Rabbit Boy with his scrummy jumper and stripey scarf.  Medium £34 and Large £45

They've been very busy in Denmark and there's a very big litter of  Baby Bunny Rabbits this year. Perfect for little hands to play with.

Discover the Maileg Bunny Rabbit Family here and be charmed by these soft linen creatures who long to join in with some childhood adventures.

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