Wednesday, 31 October 2012

A dream realised...

Cutting the ribbon with Pippa Goldfinger, the Mayor, along with the kids, Granny and Dawne

On Saturday 27th October, after many weeks of preparation, late nights and 'will we do it?' wobbles, we opened the doors to the first Sisters Guild shop. Yes, a bricks and mortar, real-life shop, with a tinkly bell and everything!  It's location is in Frome, a place we feel is one of the leading creative towns of the West Country. The shop, with its' arched-window frontage, is part of a beautiful 17th Century building at the top of the cobbled Catherine Hill. We were drawn to 'The Hill' for that little bit of extra magic that is there due to the far from the high street vibe.

Balloons at the ready before the doors open...

We are giddy with glee for a dream fulfilled.  We pulled it off in true sisters style, with the help of our Wonder-Mama Annie, our Shop Manager Dawne, super-skilled Fay who lives above the shop, and, not forgetting, the tea and marmite toast care of The Little Red Cafe. Thank you.

So, here we set sail on the sisters new shop adventure.  It feels wonderful to be able to see and share all the collections together in an enchanting Somerset location.

If you're local come say hello. For those farther afield, you have yet another reason to head West.  Frome is an inspiring place and we hope we've added an extra bit of wonder.

More shop stories and pics coming soon...


  1. oh how cool, congratulations, lots of luck and success and and and...

    a real shop... yay... so fun! xxx

  2. Amazing! Love, love, love and can't wait to visit! Congratulations!

    PS that feckin captcha thing is nuts!

  3. Looking awesome. Will be coming to see you soon x x x

  4. Looks delightful. Well done!

  5. hooray! lucky locals :) you girls can do it all! xxx from the Shak-Shuka family

  6. Oh wow! I wondered why you'd been so quiet lately! The shop looks fabulous. You two are a superb advert for sister power. Very best of luck with the new venture. x

  7. Wow! Congratulations on the jump and I wish you loads and loads of success. It looks beautiful and I'm definitely making the trip from Brizzle to say hello!