Monday, 15 October 2012

Monday Makery - Under The Stars

'I love you more than all the stars in the world' are the last words said as I tuck the children up in bed under their new star strung sky. When decorating it's fun to cover the walls, to hang pictures or to stick up wall stickers that can be played with again and again but when it comes to the ceiling, well its a little neglected! 
Now the girls lie down under strings of stars, and some of them even twinkle above the glow of their little bedside lamps.

We were asked to guest blog for one of our favourite designers this week giving them a Makery for children during half term. Jumping at the chance to show some craft love we set to thinking about what we could make for them..... what do we think of when we think of their collection.
Sophia gave me words that came to mind when she saw our collection..... 'It glitters. It's sparkly' .....'Stars!'
So, we began to cut out lots of stars, at first not sure what we would do with them. Then, the answer was there, literally staring up at us, we would hang from our ceiling. So, here they are our garlands of stars, and, there's another makery coming too via our guest save some stars for later and look out for the link this week!

Here's what you'll need:
  • coloured card
  • scissors
  • star shaped cookie cutters
  • pencil
  • sewing machine (though alternatively you could make them using a needle and thread)

Here's how:
  1. Taking your coloured card, pencil and cookie cutters draw around the cookie cutters to make lots and lots of star shapes.
  2. Cut out the stars. If you're strong enough concertina the card a few times, draw around the cookie cutter and cut out several at a time.
  3. Feed the first card star through the sewing machine and sew down the middle of your first star. Keep sewing, creating a space then an inch or two of sewing empty space feed through another star. Continue with all your stars until you've got the desired length for your garland. You can create a pattern by alternating the colours and sizing or just go random! 

String across a room, above a bed, across windows, down a hallway, up the stairs, wherever you want the stars to hang. The sewing takes only minutes and it's a great craft to tech children how to sew with a machine too. 
If you're using a needle and thread try using a hand needle used for wool or embroidery thread, then end is rounder and so easier and safer for little hands. When sewing the stars together thread the needle and tie a knot at the end. Sew the first star on and then a few inches above make a knot then tie the next. A few inches above that star tie another knot and then feed the next star on and then continue in this way tying a knot before each star to make sure it stays put where it is.

Top Tip

Here's a tip for making glittery stars..........
If you'd like to add some glitter to your stars try this little trick to make it easier.
take a cereal box and cut out the back of it using a sharp knife (adults only please) . Tape the original opening to seal the box, then snip one of the bottom corners off. When you want to add glitter, glue the top of your star then glue side up place into your 'glitter box' and sprinkle with glitter.
You can then tip the glitter from the box back into the pot of glitter and none goes to waste.

Look out on the blog this week, as we'll be giving you another 'star' tutorial via our guest blog..... can you guess which designer it's for?

Happy Making!

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