Friday, 19 October 2012

Once Upon A Week - Filling the Cupboards for Autumn

With the changing season comes shorter days, wetter and windier too. So with the girls at my side with tape measure, kettle and aprons at the ready we've been busy making some fun changes to our indoor space. Having a kitchen 'grand designs' of our own. 
One advantage about moving house again and again is you learn how to use furniture in different ways. A huge antique cupboard that has moved with us with each move, previously used as wardrobe, once a hallway cupboard and then used in the playroom for the girls games, puzzles and playthings now houses an inner room of its own. It is a piece I want to keep and so it must adapt to what space we have and what role it can be purposed for. Though its not yet finished..... here's what lies inside....

The middle section now opens up into a cosy kitchen, the doors now have hooks on the inside to hang their aprons, utensil racks have been hung, and kettles, teapots and pans hang at a reachable height, there is even an enamel washing bowl! The girls eye up every pretty little tin, jam jar and spice box that I have in my kitchen and everyday hears ' Have you finished with it yet?' 'Can I have it for my kitchen now?'

I'll have to wallpaper their little kitchen though I dream of tiling it (perhaps I will)! I'd love something like this tiled wallpaper.'Mixed Folk' coated wallpaper by Louise Body. Though its already bordering on upstaging our 'real kitchen' all it needs is a few terracotta pots of herbs!

It has seen so much play and some very creative cooking which see's things going missing from my own kitchen to be found on their shelves or in their oven mixed in with other random ingredients. I only hope this isn't fashioned on my own culinary skills! Perhaps I ought to let them borrow a recipe book or two.

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