Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Wednesday Woo: Boys Layers of Love

As a mama of 2 sons I relish the colder months when it's time to wrap your boys up in scrummy jumpers. My nearly 5 year old is keen to be outside as soon as he wakes, and he tends to sneak out the back door in his pyjamas, oblivious to the wind or rain. I was the same as a child.  I remember pulling my wellies on with no socks and scampering off into the garden, getting a bit chilly and then being pulled inside into a big warm jumper. It's the same story with my son, and I know he enjoys that feeling too, pausing for a woolly hug before he's back to his adventures!

Here I have gathered handsome layers to keep boys warm in the wild outdoors.

I adore my boys in leggings and joggers - all the better for rolly pollies and tree climbing I say! And you can't beat a pair of cords for those 'looking smart but still scuffing around' days!

Here's boys 'bottoms' for autumnal cavorting!

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