Monday, 1 October 2012

A Week At My Table

Being back into a routine of early morning rising, rushing out the door madness of school runs, and beginning each day with a feeling of chaos, I want to avoid the marmite-toast-in-hand-whilst-scooting hurried breakfast and instead start the day as it should; sitting down to enjoy the tastes of breakfast and perhaps a little conversation to begin the day instead of the calling form one room to another 'have you got your shoes on yet?'
The holiday mornings were begun with delicious breakfasts and such a lovely feel that each day began with idyllic sweetness and they became my favourite part of the day .... and I am not a morning person. Its all too easy to grab the Shreddies and leave the kids to it but in doing so i'm not teaching very good habits. Breakfast is the most important part of the day and so should be enjoyed as such not just in the food that nourishes but also in being family together.
So, here's a week at my table. A week where I break free from the morning chaos with a little forward thinking and minimal preparation. A week in which I experiment with a new beginning, a new start to the day which has no disjointed garbled fervor. A week where we cater to eachother's tummies and individualism and leave home for the day feeling nourished. Though there are still a few 'Hurry up we're late!'s it's when we're already on the scooters flying to school tummies full with only the distractions of the pavement treasures of feathers and leaves and thick elastic bands to slow us down. 

So, here's 6 easy recipes that are great for starting the day or as after school snacks.

TIP: mix the dry ingredients the night before then throw in the rest and mix. 

The dessert pan I use is similar to this one here, each muffin comes out in a beautiful bowl shape and its a great tin to use for puddings like chocolate cake which can have ice cream served inside! I don't tend to fall for kitchen gadgets but this I love and we use it a lot, especially for birthday parties. Of course this recipe doesn't require the tin as you can bake muffins in a normal muffin tin however the bowls do make them seem just that extra bit special.

TIP: weigh all the ingredients the night before and then just mix them all together in the morning.

I am not trying to create the perfect balanced breakfast but more a perfect balanced morning. Neither am I attempting to be a domestic goddess. But whilst I don't have many recipes set to memory, my memory is just about full with useless information like every home telephone number I've had since childhood, the lyrics to every song I've ever listened to, I could give you word by word the entire film of Bugsy Malone and Gigi and of course these simple recipes are in my memory. Somehow they stayed there.

Happy making. nom. nom.

Now if only I could remember my times table, where I left my hair clip or something that would make me sound fascinatingly interesting in converstaion like the fact that Cinderella is a Aarne Thompson persecuted heroine type 510A and is a character repeated in folktale and is known as Rashin Coatie in Scotland, Zezolla in Italy and Yeh-hsien in China, or that Orca's when travelling in groups breathe in unison, or perhaps that Humans are born with 300 bones in their body, but when we reach adulthood we only have 206 bones, that this happens because many our bones fuse together to make a single bone Or even that the dot that appears above the letter 'i' is called a tittle. Though none of these facts would help a hectic morning!

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