Friday, 2 November 2012

2nd Birthday Celebrations

Image courtesy of Martyn Payne at Frome Times
What a momentous week for Sisters Guild.  It's 2 years since we launched online, as sisters tiptoeing into the unknown.  And now we embark on the courageous adventure of a real-life shop. The kids have been full of excitement, especially as they held the ribbon, met the Mayor and had their picture take by reporters - they felt very proud and important. Friends and family have shown so much support and we are so very grateful for the wonder-force that is our new Shop Manager Dawne. It's been a fantastic first week, and we truly feel part of Catherine Hill - a cobbled street of independents in the vibrant Somerset town of Frome.

So, now we are 2, how shall we celebrate? Carla & I would like to say we are spending it at Babington House, just a few miles from our new shop, but we are awaiting a free moment, and a free pass! So, for now we are quite happy with being able to be at home with woolly socks, soup and smiles and a Sunday stomp around outdoors with the kids.

As for how we celebrate our 2nd Birthday with our customers:  we are treating you to 25% off everything this weekend.  

It was the team at Bambino Goodies that helped us establish the Sisters Guild name online 2 years ago, and it is fitting that they join us in celebration. 
Head over their way now...

We wholeheartedly thank you all.

Happy weekend.

Carla & Bekka xx

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