Wednesday, 14 November 2012

There'll Be Sunshine Everywhere

Today you can expect to see sunshine in the sky with a chance of rainbows in the South as the wind blows them across the sea for everyone to enjoy
Children have such a unique and quirky, playful and often charming point of view of the world which we love to immerse in. The designs of  Corby Tindersticks take us on this very poetic and playful journey into an interactive world of fun with their wonderfully crafted felt toys and illustrations.

Carly Gledhill is the new UK designer and founder of Corby Tindersticks (what a great name) who driven by her own need for a creative outlet is bringing to the world these fun, wholesome and and oh so stylish creative designs. 
We love their 'far from the highstreet' vibe, their vibrant colours and unparalleled creations. 
Carly's passion for the fun and colour is one we hold dear and we prize her ethos of looking after the environment and sourcing ethically too.

The long wait for the arrival of the hand sewn collection is over as we now welcome Corby Tindertsicks into Sisters Guild.
Take a look at Hip Hop Harold, Minty Macaronie, and the appliqued orange felt 'line up' . Designed for children and grown ups too, there are so many pieces to fall in love with, to play with, to cherish and enjoy and we are so happy to be part of it and share with you too.

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