Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Around the World with You: Winner

Our blog trip Around the World with YOU has come to an end.  
We've been taken to many different places in both hemispheres. It is really interesting to see how the places you have chosen are places of space, of expanse and openness. It's obvious we are naturally drawn to the the wide outdoors, whether it's the green of a grassy park or common, an open space in a busy city, the blue expanse of the sea and sky, the rolling hills or craggy mountains. The only indoor space was The Wolesley and even that space is tall and wide and airy.  Maybe it's in these airy places that our mind rests, our thoughts settle and thus the place remains in our memory more strongly.

We have loved hearing about all these favourite places and sharing them here on our blog with you
Today we have numbered all the entries and used random.org to pick a number.  And now we can announce the winner picked at random is.......Nissa Redmond


Thank you to all of you who sent in your favourite place and for being part of the Sisters Guild journey.

Beyond this little blog series the journey continues, so do send in your stories, photos, links and ideas anytime: carla @ sistersguild .com

Happy adventures.


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