Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Dreams Of Other Worlds

If you have daughters that dream of other worlds, worlds that sparkle with all that glitters, worlds in which they take centre stage. Then let them take their dreams in hand with beautiful dresses and accessories that transport them to days of being woodland fairies in 'Dew Drop' dresses, graceful princesses in 'Crown Princess' dresses, with a collection of intricately and delicately made pieces there'll be something there for every girl of every age with dreams of their own.

The new 'In The Wings' collection has arrived from Tutu du Monde. Shop the Christmas collection now.

pieces featured:
Top Image: Backstage onsie, Crown princess tutu, Dew drop dress & plie caplet,
Middle Image: Showstopper shorts, 
bottom Image: Backstage Onsie

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