Monday, 19 November 2012

Monday Makery - Button Pictures & Embellished Cards

We've been rummaging through our craft cupboard for inspiration this weekend and came across a huge tub of buttons.  We decided to use them for some Christmas cards and ended up doing something on a much larger scale by making a big picture coloured in with the buttons. We wanted the picture to be festive but not so festive that it would look out of place hanging up long past Christmas. So, we drew a reindeer but we made his antlers heart shaped.

We used a cork noticeboard I picked up at a charity shop for £1, some card and glue and of course lots of buttons. It was such fun to see the picture take shape as we went along and though its not perfect as we didn't have a large enough sheet of card to fill the frame (we had to use 2 pieces so there is a slight visible break) we love it.
I'm going to get some bigger sheets of card so we can make another one, for a more polished finish I'll find a box frame too. We've certainly got enough buttons for a few more and I think they'd make wonderful and unique gifts.

Here's what you'll need:
  • a cork board or box frame
  • glue - we used a glue gun to secure the buttons
  • card
  • pencil

Here's how:
  1. If using a cork-board as a frame give the edge a quick paint with white poster paint.
  2. Then cut the card to fit the size of the frame you are using
  3. Draw an outline of your chosen image, remember to keep it simple. It's silhouette should be clear enough that it is easy to see what the image is.
  4. Once you're happy with the outline of your image stick it to the cork-board, you can tuck the edges under the outer edge for a neat finish.
  5. Now using your glue and buttons stick each one in place, making sure you stay within the sketched outline. You can keep the colours to a theme or use as many varied colours as you like.

To make the card, simply fold a piece of card vertically in half. Draw a silhouette of a something Christmasy onto a seperate piece of coloured card, cut and stick on. Then embellish with buttons or sequins, pom poms or beads. Why not draw a Christmas tree silhouette and decorate with ric rac, sequins and poms poms, or a robin with a red velvet tummy. Simple unique cards can be so simple, and children will be so proud to give something they imagined and created.

Happy Making

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