Friday, 18 January 2013

Colour Me Happy

Who can take interiors and dip them in a dream? Sisters Guild Can!

adding a splash of your favourite colour can be as simple as defining a new favourite place with a soft cushion, adding a touch of light charm with lamps and candelabras or keeping clutter at bay with fun storage boxes.  A new piece of wall art can enhance and refresh a room and colourful vases can add romance.

Pink is not just for girls. It is a colour that expresses compassion, nurturing and  love. An innocent colour, tender and calming, thoughtful and romantic, comforting and caring, intimate  feminine, sweet and naive.   
It is the colour of innocence but used in the right hands can be strong and authoritative. A feel good colour which lends itself well to play with other colours. Some colours relax, others excite; pink does both.

to discover more about who we are and what we do take a look at our A-Z of sisters guild here and The Story Behind Our Collections here.

top image with thanks to enpundit

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