Thursday, 10 January 2013

The Best Is Yet To Come.....

As a new year begins we can't help but look back and take a look at a few of our favourites of 2012. It's been a fun year, a year of new discoveries, new imaginings, new friendships and new creations.

we discovered rainbows

we fell in love with so many books and quite literally ate our way through a library of new discoveries

 we camped in tree houses.... and if we weren't camping outside....

 we baked

we waved to Queen for the diamond Jubilee

and paid homage to daddy

we wore our hearts upon our sleeves, I held yours and you held mine
We had lots of fun with the  Monday Makery 

we opened a real bricks and mortar shop and became Saturday girls!

we counted down the days to Christmas and brought you our very own advent calendar with special treats for each day.

Christmas came and went too fast

and now we wait for the snow to fall

What a year it has been. Oh the colours we have seen. 
Imagine what more we will see. Imagine what more we can be.

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