Tuesday, 22 January 2013


waking up to a blanket of snow has got to be one of the greatest joys of winter. Grabbing anything we could that would make a good sledge including a kitchen tray we headed out for our nearest and highest point. we made snowmen, threw snowballs....mostly ganging up against daddy, found a great sledging track and stuck our tongues out up to the sky to catch the falling snow. Heading home passing by the snow sculptures (oh yes there were many enthusiasts that made our attempt look a little pathetic albeit traditional), and hearing the 'wooooooo's and 'weeeeeeeeeeee's of people sledging and laughter as they came flying off . then home, warm and dry cosying up under a blanket with mugs of hot chocolate to warm our hands and tummies. i hope you've all been enjoying the snow as much as cosying up together.

Oona wears white aplaca fur hat - here 

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