Friday, 11 January 2013

This Year We'll Mostly......

be cooking up something new ..............

Try a new recipe and call your friends. Think colour. Think large plates passed around a noisy table of chatter with friends. Homemade food with your own personal signiature. It's about getting the best quality ingredients you can afford and personalising it with your own magic touch. It doesn't take much to create a cosy, fun atmosphere. Dazzle with some colour, nourish with great food and have fun whether its a midweek medley of salads and pasta or a slow Saturday sumptuous lunch (beacuse Saturday it's the new Sunday... didn't you know).

wearing what we are.

left: tutu du monde.right: waddler hat copyright Marie Louise Monkgaard 2012

..............there are girls who love to twirl in pretty skirts and party dresses (I have one of those), and girls who like to climb and get up to mischief, following the boys who like to do the same in their wild and courageous adventures (I have one of those too). There are boys who hear the call of the wild where being outdoors is the place they'd rather be, and there are boys who's creativity show's through their eclectic choice of outfits. Then there are all the children who love to dress up, oh, isn't that all of them?! The clothes we wear reflect how we feel and who we are and this is more true of children.... How many times has your daughter dressed as a princess and refused to wear her 'normal clothes', or your child that dresses as a superhero despite the fact you're only popping out to the supermarket? No matter what style your child feels themselves drawn to our dressing rooms will help them dress for who they are no matter what they're doing.

eating our fruit and vegetables...............

......................and wearing it too. 
Though please bear in mind the fruits of our new 2013 Bobo Choses collection do not count as one of your five a day!
Let's eat a rainbow of colours

getting organised..............

The secret to being organised is great storage. Forget the humdrum colours and monochrome minimalism its all about colour.  The next time you reach for a wooden spoon or a loaf of bread it'll be sure to make you smile. Give everything its own special place and keep them at arms reach for so you can grab the inspiration as it hits.

falling in love...............

................and feeling light as feather with the latest print in the Hucklebones collection.
Hucklebones is just one of the beautifully designed collections we house and one that each year has wishing we were 6 years old.

giving the kids their space............

let the children have their own place in the home, whether its their bedroom which they can chose to arrange as they like or if a playroom they can call their own and well, lets face it it may keep your living room just that little bit calmer.
Teaching the kids that though we may not be able to give them the Mary Poppins finger snap tidy up trick we can give them great storage to make it a whole lot more fun. Play is so important and though a tidy playroom is seldom seen (and quite honestly we implore you to let children own their space and not try to control it) putting things away before getting something different out can be so much easier and an easy thing to teach , and who wouldn't want to make sure all the puppets made their way back to the box when the box is in fact a theatre! The home should reflect all those that live there, their quirkiness, their individuality and their sense of who they are.


Let's face it if you have children, play has become the biggest thing in your life. whether it's tea parties, or snakes and ladders, colouring in or building the tallest towers anyone has ever seen (that you sometimes have to snap a picture of just for future proof of its brilliance) . We believe that play should be imaginative, that the toy's should enhance play, encourage creativity and inspire children to imagine. Our strongest belief is that imagination is contagious and that with great imaginings comes great noesis. We will be bringing you even more 'tools for play' that allow children to explore, to have fun, to feed their imaginations and brighten their days.


when we began the journey of sisters guild the mission was, and still is, to bring together collections that would inspire others. believing above all that imagination is contagious we set out to bring all those treasures we found as parents that taught us, our children, and shaped motherhood into it's wonderful creative adventure it is.
our own children have taught us how to be creative. Their ideas inspire us and their imagination free from the constraints of adult thinking have us reaching for our younger minds and getting mucky.
our ever popular Monday Makery began by accident when first we showed you what we'd been creating and has since become a much loved part of our week in which we encourage mess and cultivate curiosity. we'll bring you more makeries each week showing that creativity is about exploration, encouraging curiosity  teaching resourcefulness, about moving boundaries because a box is never just a box and above all because we are after all raising a generation of children who will become the thinkers, the makers, the writers, the scientists of our future, we should encourage them to think innovatively.

oh and don't forget our Summer Fun 100 ideas for play.... because when you're 5 years old a day is forever

slowing it down.....

and lastly if the previous year has taught me anything it is to learn to slow down, to relax, to switch off and pause now and again. Perhaps just lying under a tree with my daughters and watch the clouds roll by or taking the long walk home because there really is no rush, or maybe learning to ask the right questions (here's 52 ) as we sit to eat because children grow so fast and change so quickly its easy not to see who they are right now. Then there's the 'me time' something I'm not great at but will learn. So, when the kids are tucked up in bed, off at a birthday party or out in the park with daddy, in those moments of calm, i'll be reading a book, having a soaky bath, devouring the latest Paumes book I've purchased and of course catching up on all those brilliant blogs I love and if i'm not there I'll be learning how to skateboard, just because I can.


Sisters Guild is so much more than a boutique, its a place to come to for new ideas, a place to spark the imagination, a place where you are invited to join us on a journey to discover fresh ideas and designs in the world of childhood and home, family and lifestyle.

Join us in the new adventures that 2013 will bring....

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