Monday, 21 January 2013

Monday Makery - Ribbon Rhythm Rings

we are constantly dancing, turning the music on and getting our groove on. I quite often feel sorry for our neighbours who must think we have parties everyday of the week. Sometimes the girls rediscover tap shoes, ballet shoes and musical instruments taking it turns to perform. Grabbing props like; scarves, parasols and recently all the Christmas ribbons that have not made their way back to the box. 

So, with a pack of curtain rings picked up at a DIY store some time ago in the bargain bin, which I knew would be useful for some craft or another at some point, we've made ribbon rings. 
Originally we were going to make ribbon sticks but as we'll be spending so much more time indoors I thought it made sense making them less dangerous for waving around. The added bonus of them being rings is that the girls can hold a few in each hand. 

Here's what you'll need:
  • wooden rings (curtain rings are perfect) but the inside of sticky tape rings are a great way of recycling, even bangles can be used so long as they're sturdy enough not to bend when being held in the hand.
  • Ribbon. If the ribbon is too light it won't give that great twirl and flow
add coloured tape to the rings for decoration or paint the rings to make them a little prettier. You can even tie little bells onto the ribbons before tying them to the ring. Strips of pom poms make pretty versions too. 
If you can't find rings why not use pencils with an eye hook screwed into the eraser end and then ribbons tied onto the hook. They'd make a great party bag gift too!

Here's how:
  1. using the eye hook on the curtain tie a length of ribbon and knot it. Cut the shorter end off to keep it neat. If you're not using curtain rings simply tie to the edge of the ring that you're using.
The length of ribbon will depend on the height of the child and you can use one single piece or as many colours as you like.

Let's dance! 

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