Thursday, 26 May 2011

The Art of Living: A Summery Sessun Dream!

I recently discovered a french label that made my heart skip a beat. That label is Sessun.  I love the hues, the fabrics and the vintage-feel. The clothes are sublime, the accessories are a dream....and there's some liberty prints too!

by sessun

I would have to add a hop hop hop jewellery piece to the outfit I've found below.  Now I need a picnic, a sunny festival or a trip to Paris! 
Inspired by a trip to South America, designer Emma Francois started Sessun in 1995. Since then she has involved artists, graphic designers and musicians in Sessun and there's 2 music albums and a current 'exposition' in Paris called Chic, Chic, Chic c'est Picnic!
by Sessun artist Anna Emilia Laitinen
Inspired, I am.

Here's the Sessun site, with a summery soundtrack. The Sessun blog is enchanting too.
Among the stockists are Liberty and Urban Outfitters.

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