Monday, 23 May 2011

Monday Makery: Milk Carton Dice

This is a quick and simple project for those of you who get their milk in cartons and for those who wonder about how you could recycle those cartons into something to play with!

The main part of this makery should be done by a grown-up as it involves some tricky cutting.  I did all the cutting bits first and had everything at the ready for Gabe and I to do the sellotaping, colouring and gluing together.

    * Milk carton
    * Scissors (and paper knife if available)
    * Ruler
    * Pens
    * Paper/Card
    * Glue

1. Take you milk carton and measure the width of the base. Use that measurement to mark the height from the bottom of the carton.  Make a mark at each corner
2.  Make a secondary mark at each corner at twice the height (2 x the width of base)
3.  Use a ruler to draw a line all the way around, following the marks on each corner. Do this at both heights.
4.  Cut by following the first line all the way around- you will now have a cube with an open top
5.  Cut by following the second line all the way around to make your 2nd piece
6.  With this second piece - cut down the corner seam to open it up into a long rectangle.  This is the piece you will use to wrap around the base cube and cover the open top.  It all makes sense if you follow the pics!

This is the bit where you can get a little willing helper involved. ...

7. Wrap the long piece around the cube and sellotape at all exposed sides.
8.  It is now a cube ready to decorate. Use the first measurement of the width to cut 6 square pieces of paper or card.
9.  One each piece write the numbers 1 -6.  You can also add 1-6 dots or stars or any other shape you fancy! You can take your time over this and have a good colouring session.
10.  When they are ready glue them on to each side. I had to check whether there was an order to where the numbers are on a die. I had never considered it before. The answer is yes. On a normal 6-sided die, opposite faces add up to 7 (6 + 1, 2 + 5, 3 + 4).  Let the glue dry and it's ready to play with!

I found this was a great way to get Gabe into numbers.  We actually used the die for a jumping and hopping game and I'm trying to come up with lots of other physical things you can do with numbers too - the kind of games you need when you have a boy!

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