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The Story Behind our Collections: Paumes

Sometimes there are things that I stumble accross and suddenly become addicted to. The books by édition PAUMES are just one of those things. The collection of PAUMES books allow us to spy into the interiors of creative people's homes across the world.  They provide satisfaction to anyone with an interior obsession, those seeking inspiration for their own home, or for those who are just downright curious!

When we began the journey of Sisters Guild the main reason was to bring together collections that would inspire others. Believing above all that imagination is contagious we set out to bring all those treasures we had found as parents that taught us and shaped motherhood into its creative adventure. We couldn't concieve of bringing together pieces for the home and decor without bringing the collection of édition PAUMES too. They are bibles within our bookshleves when we need to feel inspired, and they are ideas and inspiration when we get the urge to change our home environment.

Children's Rooms London by PAUMES

PAUMES is the reason for the giant blackboard we made for the children, the line of string to peg paper cut-out clothes in Sophia's bedroom, and the other seeds of ideas for our living space. PAUMES reminds us that its good to let the home live and breathe for each character that dwells there.

Whilst they inspire me and feed new ideas into our home they also satisfy a desire to see other peoples homes. The pictures not only give an idea of others decor but also an insight into their lives. The rooms are not tidied and polished but rather very real and 'lived in,' they are alive. It is easy to imagine the character of their owners and the sounds and feel of each room. The images conjur up the individuality of their residents, their passions and their dreams. The childrens rooms collection remind me not to let my own character spill into my childrens rooms but rather let their own ideas and visions come alive. To let them own their own space and to let it become an expression of who they are.

They remind me too of how proud I was as a child of my own room.

Children's Rooms Paris by PAUMES
Edition PAUMES is a small and dynamic family run Japanese publishers. They are a truly friendly team and their enthusiasm is contagious and their passion for the projects they do is clear in the books they present. By working with artists and designers in Europe and exploring their home environments they have produced a set of interior inspiration books. The PAUMES books are written in Japanese and whilst it could encourage me to learn another language I have never felt the need to be able to translate the words. It is not what is said in the words but rather what is spoken in the pictures that is so appealing.  Their editorial projects include Childrens Rooms, City Apartments, London Vintage, Paris Brocante, Bureaux a la maison and Family Living.

Children's Rooms Copenhagen by PAUMES
The collection of books ventures further than the rooms of those creative people and gives us a peek into the world and lives of others. The parent's love-chiselled gift for their tiny ones is such a book - a whole book dedicated to the wonders others have created for their children. Gifts that are chiselled from love and born from the inspiration, awe and adoration of their children.

We both found, as do so many parents, that the arrrival of our first baby suddenly injected a time of creativity and inspiration. I remember when S was born I suddenly felt like I wanted to write a book. Perhaps it was the hormones, perhaps an overwhelming and instant love but I wish I had pounced on the feeling rather than just letting it carry me in the clouds for as long as it did!  The parent's love-chiselled gift for their tiny ones book is an outpouring of this inspiration, the thoughts and love brought about  by having a child. The hours it must have taken! There are lanterns, beds, first rattles, soft  silk bunnies and so many beautiful creations all made with love.
The parents love-chisselled gift for their tiny ones by PAUMES

The books should come with a warning... they are highly addictive! With each one you want to devour and let your eyes be filled with photographs of such brilliant, colourful, and imaginative spaces. Though my own home is far from the cries of glossy magazines I like to believe it would sit well photographed amongst the PAUMES books, and that's why these books are even more appealing - the photographed interiors are real
homes, full of individuality - perhaps if they ever did a maison de 'cottage industries' or maison de bloggers they might like to peek inside our doors!
Finland Family Style by PAUMES
It is with absolute pleasure that we bring the PAUMES books to you in the Sisters Guild boutique.  We just marvel at how Tokyo has connected us in a new way to Paris, Copenhagen, Stockholm and London.  It's quite a journey and we look forward to further places and spaces to explore in the beautiful pages of édition PAUMES

Enjoy discovering them here
- and keep an eye out for more titles coming soon!

This is part of our series of blog posts about the Story Behind our Collections - why we've chosen the designers that are in the boutique and how those designers came to be.

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