Thursday, 12 May 2011

The Art of Living: Weekend Inspiration in London

This Sunday 15th May the Midcentury Modern Show heads to North London, to the Lords Cricket Ground: (Nursery Pavilion, The North Gate, Wellington Place, Lords Cricket Ground, London NW8 8QN, 10am–4pm).  It should be a great day out!

Here you will find midcentury dealers along with reclaimers and modern garden furniture designers from whome you can but directly. Discover American, British and European design classics from the middle part of the last century including Wegner, Eames, Jacobsen, Nelson and Day. Oohhh there's going to be so many tempting pieces.  The thing that also appeals to us is that after you can head to the Cricket Pavilion for a delicious afternoon tea!

Dealers include: Rocket Gallery, Antikmodern, Kiki Werth, Grasilver, Retropolitan, Inretrospect, Twentieth Century Antiques, Fuse, Metroretro, mcm interiors, Fragile Design, Fandango, Midmode, Sarah Potter, Vera Da Silva, Pure Imagination, Tim Smith-Vincent, Ex 20th, Black & Perry, Retrouvius, Two Columbia Road, Molecula, 52 Meters, Skinflint, Omnipod, Desirable Design, Post War & Before, The Modern Warehouse, Firefly House, Vintage Unit, Orange and Brown, Chris Yeo Antiques, Wunderkammer Books, David Lyon, Richard Wallis, Inge Connor, Kicsi Haz and Bleu.

Further details on the modern shows website here

Ai Weiwei's- Circle of Animals / Zodiac Heads at Somerset House-
opens today 12th May until 26th June 2011 (free admission)

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This is the first outdoor public sculpture installation by Ai Weiwei in London.  It features 12 bronze animal heads, re-creations of the traditional Chinese zodiac sculptures which once adorned the fountain of Yuanming Yuan, an imperial retreat in Beijing.

Ai Weiwei says:  I am fascinated by making public art. ‘Public’ does not just refer to the museum public; it’s for people passing by and using communal spaces. I think the public deserve the best. In the past, only a pope or an emperor had access to the artworks they commissioned. I want my work to be accessible to everyone. As Yuanming Yuan was being built, Somerset House was being constructed and for me this means that the Courtyard is the perfect setting for Circle of Animals.

Following the unfair arrest of Ai Weiwei in China, the Director of Somerset House said:
Like everyone who admires and respects the work of Ai Weiwei we are dismayed and aggrieved by the news that he has been detained by Chinese authorities...We believe that more than ever, his work should be seen and appreciated by as many people as possible.

We shall definitely be taking the girls to see this.   Somerset House courtyard is a great space and it will be good to be explain to them that the Zodiac Heads are by the same man who created the Sunflower Seeds, to give them a sense of the role and work of a single artist. We were lucky enough to be able to see Ai Weiwei's Sunflower Seed installation in the Turbine Hall, and even had the chance to touch the ceramic seeds, before it was made untouchable!   See the blog post about Ai Weiwei at the Tate here

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