Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Wednesday Woo: A Trousseau for a Baby

Trousseau is the French diminutive of trousse which means bundle.  A Trousseau is traditionally the possessions, such as clothing and linens, that a bride assembles for her marriage.  A Baby Trousseau is therefore the pieces a mother and family and friends gather for a baby - blankets, linens, clothing and keepsakes - some new and some handed down.

May is definitely the merry month of new life.  There have been many birth and pregnancy announcements recently and we are feeling rather broody ourselves!  There is such pleasure in gathering things for your new baby or presenting something to a friend for their 'baby trousseau,' something that will be treasured.

The Sisters Guild Boutique has some beautiful pieces for a Baby Trousseau.  Baby Gifts that will be cherished and handed down through the family.  These are some of our favourites....

Aden & Anais Security Blankets Issie - 2 pack - Blue Stars, £14.95.
Belle Amis Rattle - Prince - by Maileg, £9.50
Fabric Doll - Prince Fergus - by Leila Lou, £18.50
Mini McGhee Felted Stripe baby blanket - ecru/pink, £46
Boo cushion by Belle & Boo, £42
Jungle Team Rattle - Monkey - by Maileg, £9.50
Belle & Boo - hot air balloon miniz wall stickers, £14.99
Jungle Team Rattle - Elephant - by Maileg, £9.50
Aden & Anais Sleeping Bags from £22.00
My Paper Boat - Mounted Print by Belle & Boo, £32.80
Sad Joe Pillow - Blue - by lucky boy sunday, £50
Flap Ear Rattle - Rose - by lucky boy sunday, £32

View the full baby trousseau collection here

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