Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Wednesday Woo: String up and hang out!

Add some joy to your walls with the frames and memo boards from Rice DK:

Rice DK Fabric Frames: There's different colours and patterns to choose from and each has a place to slot a favourite photo.  The rectangular frames hang by a pretty flower ribbon and the cherry frames have a little metal loop.  They are made of cotton fabric and the cherry frames are made even more beautiful with embroidered petals and leaves.
Rectangular hanging fabric frames WERE £8.50 NOW £6.00
Cherry hanging fabric and crochet frames WERE £13.50 NOW £9.00

The acrylic memo boards are a new design from Rice DK.  They have taken the style of an antique frame and made it into something bright and modern - with three colours to choose from. It's one of our favourites decor pieces this season.  Rice DK have also created a very sweet magnetic memo board covered in gingham fabric complete with 3 handy hooks. A perfect mix of traditional and contemporary - Rice DK know just how to get it right!
Acrylic memo boards - Blue, Green, Pink £27.00 each
Magnetic boards - Red, Green, Blue Gingham £16.50 each

The Butterfly magnets and fanric covered pins are the most charming way to display your pics and notes on the acrylic memo boards and gimgham magnetic boards. Rice DK never forget the extra detail!
Butterfly magnets £8.80 for a set of 3
Fabric covered and embroidered pins £8.80 for a box of 10

Rice DK have used the same style as the acrylic memo boards to create some colourful photo frames.
These look great in a kids bedroom but also add colour to a mantelpiece, a sideboard, a hallway, a fact any space that could do with some extra zing!
Acrylic photo frames - blue, green, pink £8.80

Some inspiration to get those photos printed, sorted and framed....

ps.) There's a rather lovely discount code for Sisters Guild via Bambino Goodies here!

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